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Mesperyian, goddess of torture and punishment, daughter of Hades and Persephone. Burned and cursed by Aphrodite for her superior beauty. 
I couldn’t find much information on her, so please if you know anything else feel free to say something. 


Faery Plant Prayer: “I ask a Faery from the wild, To come and tend this wee (insert plant name)-child. A babe of air she thrives today, Root her soul in the Goddesses’ good clay. Faeries make this twig your bower, By your magic shall time see her flower!”


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So here’s a list I have devised that are good for curses/hexing. Please be warned: many of these are icky and poisonous. Please do your research before handling and please do not ingest. Some of these herbs require a mask and gloves!

  • Ague Weed ~ makes enemies confused
  • Angelica Root ~ for curses & hexing
  • Asafoetida ~ for casting hexes on a person. Sometimes referred to as the devil’s incense, asafoetida is burned to force someone to leave you alone.
  • Balmony ~  A plant in the figwort family that is ground and used for hexing.
  • Bindweed ~ curses/hexing.
  • Bird’s Eye Chilis ~ from the Solanaceae (nightshade) family used for cursing, heating up spells, and for crafting Hoodoo powders like hot foot powder and goofer dust.
  • Blackthorn Thorns ~ thorns are traditionally used for cursing and protection. The thorns of the Blackthorn tree have long been used in witchcraft for pricking wax or cloth poppets to curse an intended victim. 
  • Black Berry Root ~ this is long used as a protection herb but can also cause bane. 
  • Bladderwrack ~ When placed near an enemies bathroom it is said to cause that enemy to be stricken with irritation of the urinary tract.
  • Blood Root ~  If you are looking for a substitute for human blood use this blood root to make diabolic wine. Can also be used for general curses. 
  • Blueberry ~ Causes an enemy strife when thrown on his doorstep.
  • Boneset ~ To burn as an incense and to use during curses.
  • Chicory ~ used for curses, bringing discord and baneful practices.
  • Chili Powder ~ for discord, bane, curses
  • Cinquefoil ~ Burn over a candle wax image of an enemy to cause them discomfort.
  • Cramp Bark
  • Hemlock ~ discord, cursing, sadness. 
  • Henbane ~ will cause illness, discord, and melancholy. 
  • Jezebel Root ~ used in the famous Jezebel curse, but can also be used in other curses as well as compelling spells.
  • Knot Weed ~ To get rid of one’s enemy, stuffed into a black cloth or voodoo doll and sew up, then bury the doll. It is also used with balmony herb in curses.
  • Lime or Lemon ~ Makes your enemy’s life sour. 
  • Lobelia ~ brings discord
  • Mace ~ cursing & hexing. 
  • Mandrake ~ for curses and hexes
  • Morning Glory 
  • Mustard Seed ~ the seed of strife and discord. Leave it at one’s doorstep, particularly black mustard seed. This seed sprinkled around the trunk of a fruit tree on the first evening of the full moon will cause the tree to bear no fruit.
  • Nightshade/Belladonna ~ Cause an enemy discord/illness
  • Onion ~ can cause strife in an enemy’s life. 
  • Patchouli ~ sickens enemies when used in chants and spells.
  • Poke Root ~ will confuse enemies, brings discord when used in curses and hexes. 
  • Poppy Seed ~ Causes couples to argue.
  • Rue ~ Although it is great protection for the owner in turn rue placed near another person puts a great hex on them. 
  • Spanish Moss ~ used to give bad luck to the intended. 
  • Slippery Elm ~ Used to separate a married couple when buried near their home.
  • Stinging Nettle ~ can bring sadness, bad luck, hexing
  • Sumac ~ for curses, hexing, bringing bad luck
  • Tormentil ~ To cause distress, harm and discord to a foe, sprinkle this on a picture of her or him and place in a box.
  • Vetivert: Silences ones who will speak ill of you.
  • Vervain ~ Spells used to contact and speak with Lucifer are the most effective when using this herb. Also used for conjuring evil spirits and demons, as well as placing curses. 
  • Wormwood ~ for curses and hexing your enemy. 
  • Yew ~ used for contacting spirits, but can also be used for curses. 

***Good rule: anything spicy or sour can be used in curses.***

It is not my responsibility for any misuse of what I have posted above. Information for curio only. 



Pet Protection Spell
 While it is important to work carefully with your totem animals, it is also important to remember your pets. This spell will help protect your animal friends on the physical plane.
For EACH animal you will need:
1 six-inch square piece of black felt
fabric paints
a clipping of hair or stray feathers from your pet
2 teaspoons dried cedar
1 bay leaf
2 teaspoons catnip (even if you have a dog)
1 teaspoon comfrey
1/4 teaspoon dried garlic
1 teaspoon heather
Protection or Guardian oil (shown below)
Needle and thread
On what will be the outside of the charm bag paint your pet’s name and these runes: Algiz, Koad; the forest rune; the pentacle and the Goddess rune. Let dry. Fold the felt in half (painted side in) and sew two sides of it, leaving one open. Reverse the bag so the painted side is facing out. Raise energy on the herbs then powder and pour into the pouch. Add the clipping of pet hair, then stuff the rest with cotton to which you have added a few drops of the oil. Finish sewing the pouch.
Cast a circle, invoke the elements and the Lord and Lady.
O gracious Lord and Lady, Protector of all creatures who walk upon this earth. Guard my (pet’s species and name) against harm and illness. Watch over him/her with every step he/she takes. Help me protect him/her and strengthen the connection of love between us. Let this charm be blessed, to hold the energy of protection. Blessed be.
Keep the charm bags in a safe place, perhaps on your altar, where the animal can’t get to it. Renew this charm every six months.
Remember: the best protection for your animals is to keep them inside, to keep their vaccinations current, and to give them plenty of love, food, and clean water.  
Protection Oil:
This is a good oil to select for your candle of protection when you are concerned with physical, as opposed to psychic attack. It can also be used to anoint yourself before you leave on a journey or undertake a potentially hazardous situation.
1/2 ounce olive oil
6 drops rose geranium oil
15 drops lemon oil
4 drops citronella oil
8 drops lavender oilflower lavenderdrops
cajupet oil (as many drops as you see fit)
clear quartz
Guardian Oil:
1/2 ounce olive oil
5 drops pennyroyal oil
15 drops lemon oil
10 drops rosewood oil
10 drops clove oilflower: rose
15 drops patchouli oilGems: carnelian, citrine


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I’ve gotten a TON of asks about this lately, so I’ll go ahead and do this post tonight. This is NOT an inclusive list of ways to charge sigils, it’s what I know of/can think of at the moment.

Firstly, there’s two different schools. Destroying the sigil to charge and release it, and keeping the sigil intact. I’m going to note which school each method falls into.

  1. Destruction: Fire Writing a sigil on anything that’s safe to burn, and throwing it into fire to charge it, as it’s destroyed. This charges the sigil with the energy from the flame, and is a good method for adding passionate, strong, intense energy. (or any other things you associate with fire)
  2. Preservation: Fire Writing a sigil, carving, or engraving it somewhere, and placing it close to a flame where it can absorb the heat and energy from the fire without burning up. Has the same benefits as the above method.
  3. Destruction: Water Writing a sigil in something soluble, and then soaking it in a body of water. This charges the sigil, and more specifically the body of water that the sigil is charged and released into. It’s a good way to incorporate traits from the element of water, such as creativity, strengthened psychic abilities, and the like.
  4. Preservation: Water Writing or carving a sigil in/on something that doesn’t dissolve in water, such as carving a sigil into a chunk of wood. The sigil absorbs energy from the water while it is soaking. Again, has the same added properties as mentioned for the destructive method with water.
  5. Destruction: Earth Writing your sigil on something natural and biodegradable, then burying it. Such as writing a sigil on an acorn or leaf. It then absorbs energy from the earth as it slowly decomposes. A sigil charged this way may take on the additional energy and properties associated with the earth, such as strength, patience, and nurturing.
  6. Preservation: Earth Charge a sigil with a crystal grid, or similar set up, and keep the sigil intact afterwards. It has the same added properties as the above mentioned method for earth.
  7. Preservation: Light Charge your sigil in light, be it daylight or moonlight. The sigil is charged by the light.
  8. Destruction: Light I refer to this as destruction and light, because it deals with visibility and invisibility. Basically, write your sigil in something that will become invisible afterwards. Such as the fog on a bathroom mirror, lemon juice on paper, ect… This is my favorite way for creating/charging sigils dealing with spirits, communication, or “unseen” traits. In this method the sigil charges every time the surface it was written on is exposed to light.
  9. Preservation: Energy Work/Meditation You focus on your sigil, and charge it with energy. You are relying on your own energy for this, not energy from another source to charge the sigil.
  10. Destruction: Energy Work/Meditation Same charging method as mentioned above, but you destroy the sigil in your preferred manner when you’re done, in order to release the spell to work.

More “touchy” methods below the break. TW for a lot of different reasons. Each of these methods can be preservative or destructive, just depending on if you keep the sigil in tact afterwards.

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