Materials Needed:

  • Rosewater
  • Sea Water
  • Clam shell (optional)

1. Mix Rosewater in a clam shell or a bowl.

"Sweet like roses shall I be
to all whom see and speak to me.
Only positive attention shall I attract
negativity and pain shall this attraction lack.”

2. Throw in some sea water.

"Beautiful and fierce (or whatever sort of things you associate with the sea)
as the ocean shall I be
and no matter what I will always love me for me.”

3. Rinse your face with this mixture. I would leave it on for like 10 or 15 minutes. Dance around, sing, do whatever feels right to you. And then wash it off with warm water.

(via wtchcrvft)




Perform this exercise with a plant with which you are familiar with, then try it with something you’ve never seen or handled before. Trust your observations

For this exercise, you’ll need the plant, plus your green witch journal & something to write with.

  1. Take the plant in your hand. If it is dried or harvested herb, hold a pinch in your palm or hold your hand over it, palm down. It is a living plant that you correctly identified as safe to touch, gently touch it with your fingers. If you cannot identify it, hold your hand above or to the side of the plant with your palm towards it.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine your palm glowing. Focus on the sensation of your palm.It may tingle or grow warm or cool. That means you’re focusing on the energy your palm is creating naturally.
  3. Visualize the plant glowing
  4. Visualize the glow of energy collected in your palm gently stretching out to touch glowing energy of the plant. As the two energies meet, ask yourself what you sense. Do you feel a specific emotion? Do ideas drift into your head? Thoughts or vague hunches? Pay attention. This is a method for collecting observations about the plant by sensing its energy with your own energy.
  5. When you feel you have observed enough, send the plant a feeling of gratitude for its cooperation, then visualize your energy disengaging from that of that the plant and drawing back into your palm.
  6. Open your eyes and shake your hands firmly, as if you’re shaking water off your hand. This will help you get rid of any excess energy hanging on.
  7. Write down your observations in your green witch journal.

Everyone interact differently with the energy of a plant. If lavender energizes you, then that is one of lavender’s energy benefit in your practice, even though most books will tell you that lavender generally projects feelings of peace and tranquility. Acquiring first-hand knowledge is important for a green witch, as it shapes and refines your practice, personalizing it in a way that makes it truly unique.

(Source & inspiration The Path of the Green Witch)





To feed the ones that have passed on their journey and gain their blessings, either leave or bury a few apples and a pomegranate outdoors after libation. As you leave the fruit say:

"O Fruit of Death and Fruit of Life, 
Fruit that eases mortal strife. 
Ease the hunger of the Dead. 
Until They reach Their final stead, 
Be food enough for everyone. 
Until Their journey’s fully done.”